Welcome to Midnight Ryder Technologies!

So what do we do?  Well, the common joke is we work with anything that has a screen connected to it – web development, game development, and custom software development.  In 2010 we also added iPhone, iPad, and Android application development services, along with electronic book publishing services for authors.

To get a better idea who we are and why we’re a different sort of development company, take a look at our Web Development Philosophy and Services section, which explains a great deal about how we approach projects with a very different set of goals and skills in mind.

Or maybe you’re here looking for a good book?  Check out The Story of Gamer Zone eBook app for the iPhone and iPad.  Or maybe you’d like a cool role playing game – Midnight Ryder Technologies handles the online presence and sales for The Horror Game, a unique role playing game based around cheesy horror movies.  Or possibly you’re looking for the answers to life’s hardest questions – check out the Mobile Mystic Machine for the iPhone to get your moment of clarity, or maybe just a fortune for the day.

After checking out what we do, how we do it, contact us and see how we can make your project easier, cheaper, and more profitable using our services!

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