Retro Breaker Hints, Tips, and Secrets

retrobreakerlargeicon1024When designing Retro Breaker I set out with the goal of creating something that was easily picked up by the player, but slowly becomes incredibly difficult (don’t ask how many times I played Level 30: Fireworks! before I managed to successfully finish the level!)  I highly encourage everyone to look at the elements of the level, and think it through – most of the levels have a “twist”, and if you re-think how you’re playing, suddenly the level is easy!

Collected here are various hints, tips, and secrets to Retro Breaker.  I’m not going to post anything that completely gives away how to win the game, of course, but just little bits to help you out!


Secret Levels:

There are 5 secret levels in total.  To find them, you’ll have to find the hidden brick that triggers warping to each secret level.  Once you find the location of the hidden brick, it’s the same spot on every level that has one – which means once you figure out where one hidden brick is, you can simply try the same spot on all the levels to find the rest of them.  And, one further hint: Secret Level #5’s hidden brick is inside of one of the other secret levels!


Difficulty Modes:

Difficulty modes allow you to get much higher scores – if you’ve got the skills to pull it off!  Each one runs the ball at a different speed, so you’ve got a chance to finish the level faster, and with a higher bonus.  On the flip side of that, each mode also increases the ball speed


Insane Mode:

Unlike the other skill levels that let you start with a specific unlocked level, Insane Mode only allows you to start at level 1, with 3x the ball speed.  Good luck.  There’s a reason why it’s got it’s own scoreboard!


Level 1:

Easiest level in the game.  The only real hint – it’s about ball control.  The ball destroys all but the last four bricks before you ever get a chance to hit it.  After that, if you’re good at angles and ball control you can destroy the last four bricks in one or two bounces.


Level 2:

You don’t have to touch the paddle to move it – touching anywhere on the screen will move the paddle for you.


Level 3:

Your first multi-ball.  Learn how to juggle – if either ball exits the screen you loose a life!


Level 5:  

Level Lock.  Be sure to hit a level lock any time you see it.  Once it’s hit, you can always go back and re-start the game from that level.  Careful – it’s possible to finish a level without having hit the level lock, meaning you didn’t unlock it!


Level 7:

Look at the level and memorize it before the ball starts moving.


Level 10:  

Be sure to watch closely how gravity interacts with objects.  It’s important in later levels.


Level 20: 

Learning how to “park” a ball in a long pattern so you can concentrate on the other ball is one of the keys.


Level 27:

How the ball interacts with BOTH sides of a paddle is important, along with some timing.

For more on RetroBreaker, and to get your own copy, visit the App Store for the iPhone and iPad version!

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