Jumpman Forever

JumpmanFOrever BannerJumpman is back! Returning in the first authorized commercial sequel since the 1980’s, Jumpman Forever brings all the fun, action, puzzles, and frustration of the original game to modern platforms.  This isn’t a remake – all the levels are brand new, keep with the style and difficulty of the original, while bringing new gameplay elements.  Guide jumpman through levels the combine puzzle elements along with action and suspense, as he defuses bombs in an effort to save Jupiter Station – and more stations after that!

Also along for the ride is a new, second playable character – Red, a starship mechanic who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Unlike Jumpman, she’s not a bomb-technician, but she does have an advantage over Jumpman.  Her prototype jump boots give her a double boost, giving her the chance to reach higher than Jumpman ever thought of!

But, we’re not just shipping the game and calling it good. Oh, no way.  Instead, once every quarter after iOS and Android support is added, we’ll be dropping level packs to continue the game (and it’s lose plot-line) for two years, giving players an great value.  Plus, we’re going to be releasing a level editor and integrated level sharing community to people keep playing Jumpman Forever, well, Forever! (See, that’s where we got the name from 🙂  In fact, even development on the game’s core doesn’t stop – we’ll be adding new game modes (like Precision Mode, Speed Run, Explorer mode), and new game elements just for those who are looking to create their own levels!

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Need more information about Jumpman Forever?  Go check out the official home for Jumpman Forever, JumpmanForever.com! 

Most gamepad controllers for Mac and PC are supported.
Arrow Keys or WASD to move player (or navigate menus), Z, Space, or Enter to jump / select menu items.  P to pause.


OUYA:  Find Jumpman Forever in the OUYA Game Store

After being out on OUYA for three months, Jumpman Forever holds a 4.5 stars rating!

***** “I had an exclusive look at the beta and I have to say: it is a faithful reproduction.” — Retro Gaming Society *****

***** “Even in beta form, this is rock-solid and I can’t wait to try out the full game.” — Hard Core Gamer *****

***** “Looks like fans of old-school platformers are going to have a reason to celebrate.” — Everyday Gamers *****

What about Steam / Desura / Mac App Store / Etc?

This site is the first stop for all releases – we update all the other stores after this one.  Right now, we’re not in Steam and all the other stores, but we will be – and we’re going to do something fun with that.  If you buy it here, and later want it on a different app store (so that you can get Steam rewards, etc.), we’ll be making keys available for other distribution platforms when possible.  It’s not possible for every store, but we’re going to try!

We’ll be updating this area with a list of all the distribution networks that Jumpman Forever ends up on, so if you don’t want to pick it up here first, no worries! 🙂

Mac Information
Release date:October 13, 2014
Last updated:October 13, 2014
Current version:1
Product type:Game
File format:DMG
File size:9.5 MB
Requirements:OS X 10.9 or better
Price:$7.99 USD
Windows Information
Release date:October 13, 2014
Last updated:October 14, 2014
Current version:1
Product type:Game
File format:.exe
File size:6.5 MB
Requirements:Windows 7 or higher
Price:$7.99 USD

Version History: 

Version 1.0.1:  October 14th, 2014
    Slight tweaks to joystick control - Jumpman & Red can be controlled by either axis (good for folks who use PS3 controllers ;-)
    Added forth standard joystick controller button
    User can now pick up and start using joystick controller at any time, even mid game, rather than just from the main menus
    Slight slowdown of Alienator bullets

Version 1.0: October 13, 2014
    Initial Release

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