Software, Web, and Game Development since 1999

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Jumpman Forever for Windows, Mac OS X and OUYA (Coming Soon: iOS and Android!)

Welcome to Midnight Ryder Technologies!

So what do we do?  Well, the common joke is we work with anything that has a screen connected to it – web development, game development, and custom software development.  In 2010 we also added iPhone, iPad, and Android application development services, along with electronic book publishing services for authors.

In 1999, Midnight Ryder Technologies started with the goal of being a game development studio in Wichita, Kansas.  Around 2005, we exited the field, and went off towards the path of Web, App, and custom software development.  In 2013, Midnight Ryder Technologies returned to game development with our first new release: RetroBreaker!

Now, we’re buttoning up development on Jumpman Forever’s initial releases for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and OUYA.  But, we’re just getting started!  Look for information on Crucible coming soon, along with quarterly updates to Jumpman Forever!