Bang the Keys for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Bang the Keys!

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Creativity for writers now comes as an app!

Jill Dearman’s highly acclaimed “Bang The Keys” book comes to life in a new iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app! It’s not a copy of the book – it’s an accessory to the book that helps writers with real world exercises they can carry with them anywhere.

Any place you can sit down for a few minutes is a great place to write. Jill’s app takes that extra few minutes to guide you through exercises you perform right in the app to spur further creativity. Rethink your characters, change the viewpoint of scenes, and dig into the mind of your character or story more deeply than you ever thought possible!

Bang The Keys has 36 exercises to get your juices flowing. Not only that, you can complete each exercise multiple times – this gives you the opportunity to:

  • Explore the same story multiple times – why restrict yourself to thinking about just your main character?
  • Explore your writing as you progress – great for new writers, Bang The Keys allows you to review all of your works to get a feel for how your writing style progresses!
  • Explore all your stories – have a story you want to write, but just can’t quite ‘break through’ your main character?  Use the exercises, and as time goes on you’ll get to know all of your characters intimately!

$2.99 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Available in the App Store

Bang The Keys - iPad Version
Quickly look through the exercises and find which ones you've done before, and get started! (iPad)

Bang The Keys - iPad
In exercise - a clean, simple, distraction free writing area (iPad)
iPhone / iPod Touch Completed
Browsing completed exercises on the iPhone / iPod Touch
iPhone Editing
The clean writing interface makes working on an iPhone or iPod Touch a usable option!
Exercises iPhone
Browsing exercises on the iPhone / iPod Touch
iPhone Title Screen
The iPhone / iPod Touch title screen for Bang The Keys!