Welcome to Midnight Ryder Technologies!

You’ve picked up one of the QR Codes that we placed as part of our sponsorship of the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion and the Kansas Musicians’ Pavilion at the Spring 2011 Great Plains Renaissance Festival – we’re glad you decided to drop by!

So who are we?  We are a web development and mobile applications development company located in Wichita, Kansas.  If you take a look to the right you can see some of the iPhone & iPad apps currently shipping in the Apple AppStore – some of them for us, and some of them as contract gigs for other groups.  Browse a bit and see if there’s something there that your iPhone or iPad is just begging you to get!

Or if you’re a local business (or individual) looking to a get an app developed or a website done – please, feel free to click on the Contact button above and drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you!

So why sponsor the Pavilions at the Great Plains Renaissance Festival?  The festival has been a great addition to the local community in Wichita for ten years, adding a unique gathering point for, well, rather unique people!  The Kansas Authors’ Pavilion was originally started last year by a local author – we felt kicking in to help with the logistics would be a wonderful thing, and help bring more attention to a field that is difficult get the word out about.  And when we found out about the Kansas Musicians’ Pavilion, we jumped at the chance to support it too!

Of course, we do get something back:  exposure.  As a small business, it made sense to help the community and at the same time find a great return on investment.  Every year, thousands visit the Great Plains Renaissance Festival – surely there’s a few there that have never heard of us!

For us, it’s a win – win situation.  We support local arts, and people find out about us.  We thank both the Great Plains Renaissance Festival and the organizer of the Kansas Authors’ Pavilion and the Kansas Musicians’ Pavilion for this great opportunity!