The Horror Game RPG

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Jason, Freddy, and Michael.  Zombies, aliens, fifty foot lizards, throat slashers and head bashers.  The world has had a long standing love for movies with really evil bad guys.  So much so that the first name alone is enough to evoke images of these bad guys – but no one can remember the heroes that defeated them!

The Horror Game allows players to step into those horror movies as either the bad guy, or the good guys who are slowly getting killed off one by one.  Death has never been so much fun!

Unlike most role playing games that have complex rules and run for months before the game is resolved, The Horror Game is designed with a simple set of rules geared towards being played from beginning to end in a few hours – about the same amount of time as watching a horror movie or two.

It’s also designed to be a starting place for people who’ve been curious about role playing games, but were intimidated by the huge stack of books their geeky friends had in their backpacks, and the odd looking sacks of dice.  All that’s need is a copy of the book, a few players, at least three plain old six-sided dice, and a thirst for blood!

For experienced gamers The Horror Game is a great “filler” game for those nights when all the players aren’t going to show up, or to introduce a new friend to the concept of role playing games.

Included are complete rules for players and game masters  – no expansion books are necessary.  Also included are six pre-made bad guys and scenarios, and completely rules for creating new scenarios from your favorite horror movies!  (Plus, hosts even more scenarios for those who lack the time or imagination to create their own!)

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