Fruit of the Spirit Press Release


Wichita, Kansas – January 14, 2011 — Midnight Ryder Technologies releases lifestyle management app designed to assist people in living a more content lifestyle. Rather than an app that provides somewhat helpful hints, Fruit of the Spirit for the iPhone / iPad gives users tools to analyze the patterns in their life.

Fruit of the Spirit acts as a chartings an journaling system for day to day activities. Using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the user touches the ‘deeds’ for the day – good and bad. This produces an aggregate score for their day, helping them get a feel for how often they were – for instance – angry or how often they were able be patient with people. Additionally, a built in journal allows the user to keep notes about the day in a freeform method.

Initial use of the app makes the user start thinking about their days – what went wrong and what went right. Continued used beings to build up historical data, which is where the app begins to shine. The user can see the aggregate scores on a graph, showing which days were high points and which days were low points in the month. Additionally, they can overlay the various deeds on the graph along side the aggregate score allowing the user to see what variables in their life affected the aggregate score.

FInally, if the user made use of the daily journal portion of the product, clicking on a data point takes the user back to that day. The can examine their deeds, and read the journal entry. Suddenly the user can find the patterns – what influences made for bad days and what influences made for good days?

The deeds are based on the “Fruits of the Spirit” and “Works of the Flesh” as described in Galatians 5 in the Bible. For Believers, this gives a powerful tool for following that scriptural piece. For non-believers, this produces a simple, powerful tool for analyzing your life in an understandable way.

“It’s approach is pretty unique,” says lead developer Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr. “By creating a way to visualize good days and bad days, and attaching the journal entries to them, it’s probably the most intuitive way ever to look how we live our lives. It’s fantastically easy to use.”

Fruit of the Spirit is available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch users running iOS 3.2 or higher. Available now on the App Store for $1.99.

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