Electronic Publishing and App Services

We offer electronic book distribution services for our existing clients and new authors.  Right now, the field of publishing is changing considerably – no longer getting a book on real world shelves the most important thing.  With the advent of the iPad, Kendel, and other electronic reading devices, it’s now important to consider not only different distribution methods, but to also consider looking at books as a more long term development process that doesn’t just end with shipping a book.  Instead of just ship and forget, it’s a game of making long term relationships with readers.

Midnight Ryder Technologies brings to the table new options in electronic publishing, ranging from web development, social media planning and assistance, application development for stand alone book readers for iPhone, iPad, Android, and other platforms, PDF distribution options, ePub options, and more.

And not only that, we can look at ways to give an electronic book more longevity by adding interactive components that move it well beyond the standard written word only concept, and apps for the App Store that work in association with a print book to create both a secondary revenue stream and a way to increase exposure of your book.

Book, by the way, doesn’t just mean standard text – we’re currently working with an independent comic book publisher, for instance, to take one of their new products to the iPad and iPhone platform, and work with a magazine to move their current web & print ‘zine to the iPad and iPhone.

Contact us for more information about what we can do for you, the author, and for your readers to move your existing book project further into the limelight, and what we can do to help you pre-plan your next book project.  The only thing we don’t do is write your book for you – you’re the expert on that, or publish standard print copies.  But we can give you some recommendations for great companies we’ve either worked with or talked to over the years!