Back where I started

Back in it’s infancy, back when Midnight Ryder Technologies was just called in the games it shipped, I used to keep a blog on here. Well, actually, it wasn’t called a blog – at the time it was called the “Developer Diary” – the name blog wasn’t in wide use yet, but developers used to have .plan files (which, at first, required the UNIX finger command to read it – I can remember fingering Jon Carmack from time to time to see what was going on with the development of Quake because I had been a huge Doom fanatic.)

Eventually I killed the Developer Diary and moved beyond it. I found LiveJournal (bleh) and instead of it begin about business, it became about personal stuff. Then I licensed the Torque engine from Garage Games, and started using their blogging system for my professionals stuff.

But I wandered away from that, and moved to just personal blogging, and some business stuff intermixed into my Twitter and Facebook timelines.

Now, I’m back where I started – Midnight Ryder Technologies now has a blog again. Well, two actually, since I didn’t want to mix my tech rants with the information I wanted to give out about the cool projects I end up doing for customers. It’s funny – over 10 years later, and here I am back blogging on the company site. Of course, things have moved on s bit since then – now I’m updating it from an iPad, not my desktop machine, and the software behind it has gotten so much better 🙂

Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr

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