Wordpress Plugins

Save Ferris Fundraiser Plugin ( and link exchange! )

As part of The Save Ferris Project that’s ramping up this week, we’ve released our first bit of project marketing tools for it:  The official Save Ferris Corner Ribbon plugin for WordPress.  Download it, install it, and it adds a “Save Ferris” ribbon to the upper right corner of the page (just like this one) …

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Plot Over Time for WordPress

Uses the Google Chart Tools API for charting data entered in WordPress posts using MetaTags. Tracks up to 10 different data points, supports Area Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and Column Chart styles, any custom style options you’d like to include, and number of other options. Be sure to read the webpage for full notes and updates. Based on Tom Fotherby’s Fotherplot, however shares very little code with the original, and instead of requiring changes to a page or template, it uses shortcode to add graphs to a page or post.