High Rise Spies Hallways

High Rise Spies

HighRiseSpies Art (made by Liz Statzer)

High Rise Spies will be the first game made by the 8-Bit Minion Intern Team (MT), which consist of five minions and one Gru. Each minion has their own skills and their own role in making this game. For the next game, everyone’s roles will be changed to something they are not good at, for the first game everyone is doing something they are comfortable with. The each of the minions will be releasing a self-introduction through the coming weeks. Minions have to follow their boss (please go watch the Minion movie if you haven’t seen it, it’s super cute) Davis is the one and only Gru, who leads us minions into taking over the world, one game at a time.

Group Work

This is my first time working as a large group, in my college, the largest group would consists of two people. Though that doesn’t mean that I am against larger groups, in fact they are quite nice. The work isn’t as overwhelming, with more people you have more opinions which leads to improvements that wouldn’t have been made or noticed otherwise. You also get a wider range of skill sets, one person could be absolutely terrible in music making, while the other makes a living on composing. By working as a team, not only do you get a finished project, but you also learn from each other and come out with a new skill.


Stencyl is a program I am not yet familiar with yet, and I had never even heard of Slack before. To better understand Stencyl I have been watching videos and reading through some blogs. I am no expert at it but it looks like a simple program to start making games with. Slack is similar to any other messaging system, making it very easy to navigate and understand. I have been making hallways for this game in Photoshop, which I use often for school and for drawing. I have not made a lot of 8-bit drawings so the hallways are a new adventure for me.

HighRiseSpies Hallway
HighRiseSpies Hallway (made by Ann Ridgway)

My View

A good thing about this project is that it teaches you what will happen in the real world when you do get a job or create your own game. What you first created can always be improved, there is always something that can be changed to be better. While in school you turn in your project and forget about it. You might get some feedback on it, but usually you wait for the grade and start working on the next project. While with this internship, you create a project and you get feedback from all other interns about how it looks to them. It could look great, it could not fit with the rest, it needs to be altered, all of those things you wouldn’t of noticed before. It gives you excellent feedback before releasing it out to the world.

Ann Ridgway,
8-Bit Minion Intern Team

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