“I always feel like somebody’s watching me…” Boulder Panic! 2: Palm Panic!?, More Boulders More Panic!, a cool link for MidnightRyder.Com, and more…

You know, sometimes you don’t know who’s reading. Or at least, I dont – I got a minor shock today. Now, it’s not uncommon for people to read the Developer’s Diaries section, and read my posts here. Funny part is, it’s kind of an abstract concept for me – I know at least a couple of the people that read this section from time to time (Randy, Matty, and a few others.) What really surprised me was running into someone professional who follows my statements on here. I talked to someone who I told I wouldn’t mention them here on the page today – and basically that person said ‘thanks for not mentioning me on the webpage’. Wow – I was a bit taken back by that one… Of course, I could get all uptight, and be careful about what I say about anyone, etc. on here because of it. But, you know, heck with that. This is exactly the place for it. I both pass out thank yous to people who deserver them here, and textual lashings to those who screw up royaly. Part of the reason is this is also a notebook to myself on how I got from point A to Z, and what the hell went wrong. It also serves as a log of information for anyone who wants to try to go down the same path I’m going. Granted, I can’t say EVERYTHING I’m up to partially because of NDA’s and partialy for strategic reasons – and partially because some of the ideas are insane! However, I classify contacting MS / Summit Software about licensing VBA on the insane list – simply put, at the moment I’m not even a real blip on anyone’s radar. But I did it anyway, and it all turned out great! (REALLY great, IMHO. Now I just need to finish a game using the technology one of these days…)

As for not being a blip on the radar – here’s a cool little link for ya:


I’m now listed on Microsoft’s website. Ok, it’s only a small little blurb. But – I’m there! Cool 🙂

Boulder Panic! 2: Palm Panic!? Yep, it could happen – I might port Boulder Panic! 2 (v 1.0 or 1.1) to PalmPC based machines. (Basically, Windows CE based handheld PC’s) Yes, I know – that would mean I’m not working on Jumpman: 2049. However, I think the process of porting this is going to be a breeze – of course, I could be overly optimistic. I’m going to explore the idea, and see how it works out. This could potentially give me another (small) revenue stream.) If you have a PalmPC or WindowsCE machine, and would like to beta test this if I do it, email me!

Of course, I’m working on the promised expansion for Boulder Panic! 2 DX – More Boulders, More Panic! Adds a bunch of new levels for the puzzle game, and new ways for me to drive people insane! Plus, I said I’d do it – I already have part of the levels done, it’s just time to do the rest, and go through the process play testing it. There are no changes to the code base, so, that part doesn’t need tested (of course, play testing it does that for the most part anyway!)

On the business front, still searching for great advertising deals, and getting ready to figure out where to really send this Press Release to. For I think I’ll hit MOST of the proper people with it using PRNewswire. Cool service. I’ve also got a lunch-time meeting with the management team on Friday around lunch. You know, I wonder if they read this too? I should ask…

OK, time to get outta here, and bak to work – I’ve got more work to do before I can get any sleep 😉

Midnight Ryder
AKA Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr
President, MidnightRyder.Com

“Getting had, Getting took,
I tell ya folks, it’s harder than it looks!
It’s a long way to the top, If ya wanna Rock & Roll…”


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