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Now there’s an app to help live an examined life!

The phrase “an unexamined life is not worth living,” came from Socrates. With it he meant we live our day to day lives, never questioning our motivations, never thinking about why we strive for certain things, why some things anger us, and why some things bring out feelings of love and compassion. WIthout examining our lives, we stagnate, always feeling the same thing, always falling into the same patterns, always failing to evolve beyond our greed, envy, anger, and jealousy.

Now, iDeeds has been released to try and change that. The premise is simple – each day, it randomly draws one deed, either good or bad, and assigns you the task of trying to either observe those deeds or trying to change your perspective. There are 9 ‘good deeds’ and 16 ‘bad deeds’, each based on Galatians 5 in the Bible. While the deeds are from a Biblical source, the app is for Believers and non-believers alike as the concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for most of those deeds is fairly well established.

Once you have your deed for the day, start watching your life for that one thing – you don’t have to watch every aspect of your life for every possible good or bad deed, just focus on that one deed for the day. Slow, you’ll learn to improve your day by doing more of the good deeds, and less of the bad deeds.

Stuck on trying to understand the relevance of one of the deeds the app pulls for the day? No problem – along with the names of the deeds there are definitions of each deed, both in biblical context and day to day life context.

iDeeds is designed as a stand alone app, but when used in association with our Fruit of the Spirit app you’ve got a powerful set of tools for living a more fulfilling, examined life!

$0.99 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Available in the App Store

iDeeds Title Page
iDeeds Title Page
iDeeds deed display iPad
Deed of the day (iPad)
iDeeds deed descriptions (iPad)
Deed descriptions (iPad)
iDeeds deed display (iPhone)
Deed of the day (iPhone)

iDeeds definitions (iPhone)
Deed definitions (iPhone)