Jumpman Forever Preview Release Notes

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Jumpman Forever Preview!

So, what’s not in the Preview that’s in the real thing?

  • Well, the preview only has 8 levels. When phase 1 ships (Ouya) it will have 30 levels. When Phase 2 ships, it will be at least 60 levels.
  • This is a random sampling of levels – there will be a better ramp-up of difficulty in the final version (not that the original Jumpman was really that easy anyways 🙂
  • I realize, belatedly, none of the “construction” levels are in there. Jumpman was notorious for modifying the level layout on the fly. I didn’t put any of those in there (though, the same constructor triggers are used for levels like “Rocket, Rocket!”)
  • The sound is a hodge-podge of new sounds, and original game sounds. Before it’s all said and done, none of the original sounds will remain. Some of the new sounds are OK, some of them still need work.
  • The second character, Red, never appears in the Preview. She’s not ready for action – I’m still tweaking her abilities, since she’s not quite the same as Jumpman. Plus, I really don’t want to reveal all the secrets 🙂
  • No multi-player.
  • No level editor.
  • No cloud based level sharing community.
  • Jumpman’s run animation is something I don’t care for. I’m fine with the rest of his animations, but that run animation is weak.
  • Speed Run and Advanced modes aren’t in there.  Speed Run isn’t ready – you gain a special ability with it, and it’s not ready for prime-time.  Advanced is ready, but, I really don’t want to give all the goodies away 🙂
  • The fall distance death is a little quirky. Right now, often he falls too far.
  • There’s still bugs, of course.  This isn’t even a beta copy of the game.
  • No joystick support. (It’s actually a priority of mine, since I’d much rather play using my gamepad.)
  • At higher speeds, the ladders can be rough to navigate.

Preview 1.1:

  • Better fall distance
  • Speed of Alientator Bullets reduced
  • Game speeds adjusted
  • Ladders work more dependably
  • Can now exit ladder without being at a girder (warning – you can can also trip and fall)
  • Level “Nothing Hidden” removed, replaced with “No Ground”
  • High Scores fixed
  • Score bubbles for collecting bombs (makes more sense, ’cause you can now see multipliers at work)
  • Lots more little fixes…

So, controls:
You can use WASD and Space, or the arrow keys and the Z key (or, any combination you like) to move and jump.
Escape exits
Enter toggles between full screen and windowed mode. I recommend full screen, personally.

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