Quick Captions, Callouts, and Customer Quotes in WordPress

While teaching WordPress classes at Pixel Time last night, someone asked me how to easily throw customer quotes on the right side of the page – not in the sidebar, but as part of the article it’s self.  Honestly, at the time I was a little stumped by that – there’s a couple of plugins to do it, but those are pretty hacky, IMO, and there should already be a built-in way to do that.  My ‘quick’ solution was to show her a little HTML and in-line CSS – but that’s not exactly simple and requires a bit more knowledge than was within the scope of the class (it’s a WordPress class designed to get people up and running quickly with a minimum of know-how about HTML and CSS).

Disappointed with my solution, I continued to ponder it after I got out of class, and on my way home I realized there is a way to do it – it’s not setting easily in the menu, but it doesn’t require much to pull it off.  In an article, type the following:

Callouts, Captions, and Customer quotes are pretty easy! But you'll have to do just a little work to get them to come out perfect.

Change the part that says caption= to read whatever you want your quote or callout to be within the article.  The part that says “alignright” makes it appear on the right edge of your article, changing it to “alignleft” would swap it to the other side.  width defines how wide it is –

What it does:  Wordpress has a built in caption shortcode that’s used for

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