WordPress Training Starting September 8th, 2011

Part of every website project I do is a training component – usually two hours, give or take a little based on how quickly the customer picks it up.  It’s a hands-on training for creating new posts, new pages, editing menus, and the other core features of WordPress.  It’s not the worlds most in-depth training, but it definitely gets customers up and running quickly.

But what if you need more training that gets into stuff like Search Engine Optimization or Marketing?

Well, there’s a class for that 🙂  I teach classes at PixelTime in Wichita, Kansas on WordPress – everything from initial setup to optimizing your site for iPhone & Android mobile platforms.  A quick hit list of the sessions:

  • Introduction to WordPress (1 Session)
  • Setting Up Your WordPress Site (3 Sessions)
  • Marketing Your WordPress Site (2 Sessions – includes social media using Simple Facebook Connect and Simple Twitter Connect)
  • Selling From Your WordPress Site (2 Sessions, including WP-eCommerce)
  • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress (1 Session, including SEO Ultimate)
  • Optimizing Your WordPress Site for iPhone (and Android) (1 Session, including wpTouch)

It’s 9 weeks long, taught every Thursday night, each session is 1 1/2 hours long.  For a full writeup on each of the classes, head over to MidnightRyder.Org’s full write-up!



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